posted 4-22-22

Stock Lists and END OF BIN Sale
The Stock Lists are always a Work in Progress.
Dick adds wines and tasting notes regularly, the results of daily tasting and reading.
Part of the evolution results in a revolving End of Bin sale
A wine is added to the EOB sale for various reasons such as
1. The vintage has advanced at the suppliers
2. We decide to remove it from our repertoire
3. The wine is no longer available.
March 2, 2022 update of the Stock Lists integrates and identifies End of Bin items
which will be discounted 20% at the register 
Order online and we'll assemble them for you or pick out your favorites at the shop.
Click colored buttons below to access each division of the Stock Lists  OR dedicated End of Bin Sale page

Stock List North America - West Coast U.S., Michigan, Canada
Stock List South America - Uruguay, Argentina, Chile
Stock List - New Zealand, Australia, South Africa
Stock List  - France - Bordeaux, Loire, Burgundy
France - Mediterranean, Alsace
Stock List - Germany & Nearby - Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria
Stock List - Portugal and Spain
Italy, Greece and Lebanon
Stock List - Rose, Fortified, Sparkling
Stock List - Large Format, Kosher, Fruit, Aperitif
Dedicated End of Bin Sale List

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