Updated 6-27-22
Please note: In case of a misprint or price change, the in-store price supercedes.

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PLEASE NOTE: We offer these special wines ONLY in 6 packs, not as single bottles or full 12 bottle cases. To order 1 six pack therefore, type the digit 1 in the how many box. The prices listed are for SIX bottles. Want a full 12 bottle case? type the digit 2 in the how many box -- no duh as the kids used to say.

Stock Lists  (updated 6-7-22, posteed 6-21-22)

End of Bin wines (marked in the store with a white price sticker and an orange/red 20 sticker)
20% taken off at the register
END OF BIN wines listed and available from the full stock lists,
but are ALSO presented as A DEDICATED LIST

with Early Bird Discount available thru July 10

OR Wednesday Group Tasting Notes
from tastings ALL MAY, JUNE & JULY 2021

(tastings resumed 6/10/20 with all needed precautions and notes shared with members by email

Access ALL these on this sidebar

Or stop in and introduce yourselves at 1747 Plymouth Road, in the Courtyard Shops.
We're between Jets Pizza and No Thai in the front (Plymouth Road) section of the Shops.

BEST WAY TO ORDER is online so you can take your time browsing,
and all needed information is sent to us securely and printed clearly for staff to fill your order
Order by phone (734-995-1818) during regular business hours if necessary
(To see current hours, click on HOME at the top of most any page)

Fax your order to 734-995-1826
Please include your full name, address & zip code, phone number and credit card information

Order by email (winerat@villagecorner.com).
Please include a phone number where you can be reached during the above business hours
or specify number and times we can reach you,
but do NOT include any credit card information as email is NOT secure.

PLEASE NOTE: the online order program does NOT speak discount AT ALL.
Your online order will NOT show the discount,
but it will be calculated and applied to your order at the register.


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