Newly Available Wines updated 4-6-21
  Some folks check this section often, some every month, some only occasionally. The list is divided so weekly or monthly checkers won't have to go through the whole three months to find out what's listed THIS time! Numbers are mostly Mondays.
     Our Newly Available section includes wines and vintages newly-arrived in our market, as well as previously-arrived wines that are newly-reviewed either by Dick or by the wine press. These wines are not always available on our shelves to the casual shopper, much less available in large quantities. Our wine inventory -- and likewise our wholesalers' -- is in constant flux. A lag time between sell-outs and de-listings is inevitable.
    Please note: in case of a misprint or price change,  the in-store price supercedes.
ALL Newly Available Listed Wines from the most recent  two months
Our aim is to present two months' worth of Newly Available wines for your consideration,
adding new lists as time permits.
To encourage you to place an order early in that cycle, we offer an EARLY BIRD 12% discount
usually for the first two weeks after the list is posted here (applies ONLY to online orders --
no minimum)
APRIL Newly Available
April 4 Newly Available
12% off if
order by 4-18
FEBRUARY Newly Available
FEBRUARY 15 Newly Available
second dateMonth 00 Newly Available third dateMonth 00 Newly Available fourth dateMonth 00 Newly Available fifth date Month 00 Newly Available sixth date   EMPTYMonth 00 Newly Available

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