Wedding Registry  

Rebekah Michal Martin and Benjamin James Dettmar asked Village Corner to assemble a range of wines to suit their developing tastes and help guide them toward a wider knowledge.

Bekah tells us they recently discovered Cotes du Rhone wines of France and LOVE them. We’ve included several and branched out in that region as well. Bekah mentions enjoyment of slightly sweet (note the “slightly” adjective) white wines, with Riesling a favorite grape. Again, there are several included.

Obviously not shrinking violets afraid to venture forth, this couple with international origins would like to expand their wine experiences beyond their current knowledge. We’ve included wines from many different winemaking regions of the world, both red and white wines, everyday wines, special occasion wines, even a half case educational series of Bordeaux and a HUGE bottle of Champagne. 

You needn’t feel limited by the selections if you find things in our regular website offerings you’d rather include. If you need help choosing, please email Sally at to request assistance. May we also suggest that a Gift Certificate redeemable at Village Corner is always appropriate and flexible for all  (see Sidebar)

If you’d like to study the selection before you decide, there’s a pdf file available for download here or request the file from Sally at winerat@villagecorner by email.  

We will deliver your gifts to Bekah and Ben with each bottle labelled with your name. Please note names and greetings for card and labels  in the Comments section of the checkout process.

The wedding bells rang in England. The Stateside celebration is scheduled for SATURDAY, APRIL 23, 2016 at COBBLESTONE FARM, 2781 Packard Rd, Ann Arbor. Cocktail Hour & Lawn Games begin at 4:00 pm. Speeches & Ceremony at 6:00 pm. Dinner & Dancing at 7:00 pm.

Click here for the Dettmar-Martin Registry
Dettmar-Martin Wedding Registry
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