Updated 8-10-21
For the most part, these notes are from the Wednesday Group tastings. The most recent three months may be ordered online and therefore will appear if you Search for NOTES using the Search facility at the top of most every page (or the button below).
TASTING NOTES from each date's tasting will also be displayed. 
June 10, 2020 saw the first Wednesday Group tasting since March 2020. Special precautions were taken to observe social distancing and keep the number of tasters small. We thank the medical members of our group for their advice and the extra efforts of our host to ensure a safe evening.

 All Tasting Notes from Past 3  Months

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Who & What is the Wednesday Group?

Every Wednesday since 1972 a group of dedicated wine lovers gathers at  private homes of volunteer hosts in the greater Ann Arbor area at 6 pm and tastes, evaluates, and comments on a number of wines brought from Village Corner. Three of the original members continue to participate. The tasting lasts approximately an hour.
As with almost everytning else currently, things are different on Wednesdays too. Attendance is now by reservation only at each of two sessions each Wednesday. Strict distancing and other safety protocols are observed. If you have not attended any sessions in the past, please contact Sally at winerat@villagecorner.com for further information.

-Dick Scheer


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