updated 3-26-18
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Sunday, JULY 8 at, 6:00 pm

This tasting of Wine Club offering items takes place at
LAKE FOREST GOLF CLUB Clubhouse. 3110 W. Ellsworth Road, Ann Arbor 48103
1/4 mle west of Ann Arbor-Saline Rd
If coming by expressway, closest exit is I-94 exit at Ann Arbor-Saline Rd.
Then southwest on that same road to Ellsworth Rd, approximately 1.5 miles
The access driveway for the Clubhouse is from Ellsworth Road
though you will see the Clubhouse on the west side of Ann Arbor-Saline Rd north of Ellsworth.

It's a walkaround style tasting lasting approximately two hours,
accompanied by a buffet of hot and cold hors d''oeuvres and Wine Sale comestibles

Both AAWC and AATG / AWS are couples memberships and reservations at the member rate apply for both spouses.
Example: Joe and Jane Potter pay $6.00 for an AAWC email membership for the year.
For each pre-sale tasting, Joe pays $35 and Jane pays a further $35. They bring another couple as guests who each pay $40.

Example: John and Paula Weeks hold a current Ann Arbor Tasters Guild / AWS membership or an AWS membership.
For each pre-sale tasting, John pays $35 and Paula pays a further $35. The couple they bring as guests each pay $40.
For each AATG dinner, John and Paula each pay the members price and their guests pay the member price as well.

 Fill out the form below to make reservations
Making reservations is easy. Need 4 member and 2 non-member reservations?
Type in the numbers and click the Add All Reservations button.
There are no tickets to pick up or deliver. Reserve online to get an automatic confirmation email.
If you DON'T get one,  email Sally at winerat@villagecorner.com for help.


PLEASE NOTE: We make every effort, but refunds cannot be guaranteed
without at least 48 hours' notice of cancellation.


By May 4, Ann Arbor Tasters Guild OR Ann Arbor Wine Club OR AWS member
Ann Arbor Wine Club members: We'll also renew your memberhip for 6 issues (1 year)
at $12 for postal or $6 for email delivery (if due)
Expired TG members: Please contact AWS membership chairman Katie Kearney at http://americanwinesociety.org to join or renew
Please note: your automatic confirmation will show ONLY the reservation cost
since Sally must determine your membership status and type of delivery..

$32.50 each plus membership renewal for 6 issues (1 year) if due
At the door: $35.00 each plus membership renewal

How Many?

$37.50 each
At the door: $40.00 each



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